July 8, 2008

[ coming to you from...Priest Lake, Idaho ]

Just a quick post - Melissa and I are enjoying beers and pizza sticks at our favorite local hangout - Korners. It's just us until Friday and we're looking forward to just chilling!

It's been 9 days since we got here and I have no complaints yet - not even bored yet, Kevin! :) We had a great 4th of July, enjoyed other people's fireworks, went out to dinner a few times, had a delicious Huckleberry Daquiri - the first of many, I hope - read a book, taken a nap everyday, and started a new cross-stitch. The summer has just begun.

I hope everyone else had a super holiday and is enjoying the heat of July!!

[ Jilayne - I heard you may be up here in a few weeks....stop by!! ]


southwti said...

I miss you Marcie! I'm glad you had a good trip and now a relaxing vacation.

The Perkins said...

Hey girlie--I miss you. I am glad you are relaxing a bit. Emersyn is getting big. I think she is about fourteen pounds. that is just my attempts to weigh her at home:) Can't wait to people watch with you at football games. See you soon. Don't forget to give me the ap results when you get them.