June 19, 2008

[ end of work....beginning of summer ]

Don't get me wrong - I love my job. However, I'm thrilled that tomorrow is my last day until August. The last three weeks have been beyond rough and I'm more than happy to have a break from everything. I don't have to go back until August 11th!

Here's what's happening in the meantime:

[June 21st - 28th] Connell UMC Youth Group Mission Trip to Salt Lake City, UT
[June 30th - August 2nd] Priest Lake Vacation
[July 25-26] Lake Coeur d'Alene Summer Theater (watching my cousin Craig perform!)
[August 2nd] - Junior Miss State in Pullman

Nothing much...but man, I've been waiting since March to go to Priest Lake. I absolutely cannot wait!! Hopefully, I'll be able to read a few books, catch up on sleep, scrapbook, swim, cross stitch, kick butt in numerous card games, & just entirely relax.

So - if I'm MIA between now and August, you'll know why. :)

Have a great summer!!


David and Kira said...

Sounds like a fun filled summer...I could use one of those! Have fun in Salt Lake!! And Priest Lake, what can I say...I'm JEALOUS!!

Jane Clark said...

You get out of school so late, has it always been that way at CHS? I guess I don't remember. You are going to have a fun break. I am a little jealous!!

The Perkins said...

By the way...I don't think I ever congratulated you on your TEACHER OF THE YEAR AWARD!!! You deserved it. You also deserve a long summer break at the lake, so enjoy it.