March 23, 2008

[ Happy Easter! ]

Got up early this morning to attend the Easter Sunrise Service that the Youth Group organized. It's definitely not my favorite thing to do, but I can manage once a year! After the Sunrise Service, breakfast was served at church - then I went home and vegged trying to make up for the two+ hours of sleep I lost by getting up early. I watched a few things on DVR ("Little People, Big World" and "The Real Housewives of New York") and snuggled with Samson.

We all went to church and then went to Richland for Easter dinner at the Shilo. It was a one-time-only kind of deal. None of us were impressed, but we made up for it by stopping by Starbucks on the way home. Now, Mom, Melissa, and I are catching up on "Big Love" and I'm downloading a few videos on iTunes for our trip to Las Vegas next week. Melissa promised me a trip to Burger Factory later for slushie floats and milkshakes! :) Gearing up for a busy week...looking forward to Spring Break!


Mikaela said...

Okay, is there the 3rd season of Big Love out yet? Is it bad to admit to liking that show? I just do, and we moved right during the 2nd season, and I never got to see it! I'm still ticked about it. I need to see if any of it is going to be re-runs on HBO cause I need to catch up!

Mikaela said...

That's funny that you're all aprehensive about posting about Big Love. I know, I probably shouldn't admit to liking it since it's supposed to give Mormons a bad wrap, but it really has nothing to do with Mormonism, really, and the stuff that is Mormon-like makes me laugh because it's just not how things are really run. I just enjoy I will have to add it to neflix. I'm glad you said that because I never even thought of it being out on DVD! So thanks for the info!