April 5, 2013


Tara and Janelle came over on Sunday night so they could attend a Why Whitworth day on Monday. Mom & I went to Spokane with them.

I love getting to be on campus! There are a bunch of new buildings, but the essence of Whitworth is still the same. I love it!


Janelle enjoyed Whitworth – she said it’s in her top 4!


How fun it would be if the Whitworth tradition continued in our family!

.wyatt reaugh johnson.

Baby Johnson decided to make his arrival yesterday! Kamryn got to hang out with my Mom & I while we waited to hear that he finally was here.

We sewed a bag for Kate…Kamryn is a good helper! She sat on my desk and helped count the pins and put them back in the cup. When I sewed around the three sides of one side of the bag, she told me, “Good job Marcie! I’m proud of you!”



My cousin Lisa was in town with her girls, Frances & Louise. We went to Mei Lings with them for lunch and then back to my Grandma’s.


We took some toys to play with – they had fun together! Kamryn had so much fun, she passed out on the floor in the middle of the living room! I was amazed – amongst all the chatting and noise, she could sleep!


About 30 minutes after she woke up, we got a text that Wyatt Reaugh Johnson had arrived! We quickly changed her clothes into her “I’m a Big Sister” shirt and headed to the Tri-Cities!


He is here – and so perfect!


Wyatt Reaugh Johnson
April 4, 2013…3:30pm
8lbs 4oz, 20 inches

Kamryn had a great reaction when she went into the room – she had us all in tears!


We all took turns holding him – such a sweet baby! He was so calm…just taking it all in!




Kamryn showered him with kisses!









    IMG_3211     IMG_3213




While we were at the hospital, a rain storm went through the Columbia Basin and left this beautiful double rainbow! So perfect!


Wyatt – I’m so happy you finally decided to come meet us! You are absolutely precious! You are blessed to have a wonderful family. We all cannot wait to watch you grow and learn!

April 1, 2013

.april fools.

I’m not a big April Fools prankster…but I got Kate today!


I felt so bad even sending the April Fools text…it was so mean! She’s a good sport though!

Then, a few hours later, Beth got me back!


I had a moment of panic until my Mom said – Marcie! It’s April Fools!

oh. right. :)