October 28, 2012

.football at wahluke.

The game on Friday was against Wahluke…the drive to Mattawa is NOT my favorite by far, but luckily it wasn’t raining too hard on our way there, so not as bad as it could’ve been.

This picture is from earlier in the day – after third period all these girls happened to stop by my office at the same time. I never knew this many people could fit in my office at once!!

Marie, Madi, Joanna, me, MarciAnne, Kayla, Grayson, and Kody (Sommer is taking the picture)

photo 1

We had a cold evening in Mattawa – but the boys played well and we won 47-0. That’s the way we like it!

  photo 3

The girls did a great job rallying and cheering – something we’ve been working on all season, it seems!

 photo 4

Hard to believe our season is almost over! Wahluke was our last regular season game and next week we’ll be at Cle Elum in our first post-season game.

 photo 5

These two are photo hogs! :)

    photo 5

Sommer stitched these pictures together – looks pretty great! I love CHS with poms…it’s one of my favorite things they do!

photo 3

The girls will be working on another dance this week – which would make 6 for the season, so far. Pretty impressive!

.team pics.

Back in September, Dorians came to take the team football & cheer pictures as well as individual pictures.
The football boys invited the girls to be in their team picture – I thought that was so nice of them!
photo 1

The seniors wanted to take a picture together - turned out so cute!!
(I took these from behind the showcase glass – so the girls’ has a nice glass line down it. Dang.)
The cheerleaders got to have their boxes in their pictures! SO FUN!
Such a beautiful group of girls I get to work with!
 photo 2

October 27, 2012


I wanted to do something special for my Mom for her birthday, so I invited a bunch of her friends and our family to surprise her for lunch at Tagaris Winery in Richland. I’ve been there a few times now and it always seems like a chic, classy place – like you’re not even in the Tri-Cities anymore!

I think she was pretty surprised! We had a fantastic lunch with some really special friends. Karen was gracious enough to take some pictures of everyone in front of this really awesome extra-large frame that was on the wall!



Mom with two of her dearest friends from high school – Brenda & Jerelyn.


Bonnie – a wonderful friend to our whole family and Mom’s co-worker.


The beautiful Baumann/Johnson gals – Kate, Kamryn, & Karen.


Kate & I – love her!


Kamryn kept us giggling the whole time, as usual! She loved to twirl around, climb on the chairs, and tease us! She wasn’t totally sure about everyone, but warmed up to us before too long. I think whenever she sees Mom & I, she thinks we’re going to take her or Kate is going to leave her with us!


Mom & Grandma – Grandma was so thrilled to help surprise Mom. So cute!


I love this picture of Mom & I!


Kate, me, Amber, & Kim


Kamryn LOVED Amber…adored her! It was so cute!


Happy 60th Birthday Mom – so glad to get to celebrate with you for two weeks! I’m glad some of your dearest friends could come help us celebrate today too! Love you!

October 25, 2012

.beta halloween party.

We had our annual Beta Halloween Party the other night – as always, it is fun to dress up and to see what costumes everyone else thinks up!


We had a smaller group this year for the party, but still fun!


We had to go trick-or-treating around the neighborhood for canned food for the Food Bank. I grumbled at the beginning – since it was cold outside and, um, how embarrassing to show up trick-or-treating a week early?! It ended up being a lot of fun and we had a lot of laughs!


Maren took the lead and knocked on doors. She was dressed up as crayon and would say, “We’re trick-or-treating for food for the food bank…and school supplies!” Then, if they hesitated at all, she would yell at the people that opened the door: “Go grab a can of something!”
TOO funny!


We had dinner, opened Secret Sister gifts, and then went to Karen’s to trick-or-treat her since she didn’t come to the party!


Very fun evening – we missed everyone that couldn’t come!

October 24, 2012

.kamryn’s big announcement!.

Kamryn and her momma let my Mom & I in on a little secret last week….and they told the volleyball team this morning at their practice!

photo 1

Kamryn’s is going to be a BIG SISTER! YAY!

  photo 3

Kamryn seems to know what is going on and is proud to say that they are going to have a baby and that there is a baby in her momma’s tummy.

 photo 4

I told Kate we have to get done with coaching so we can get our craft on for this new baby!

October 22, 2012

.mom’s birthday weekend.

For Mom’s birthday, she wanted to go to the Northern Quest Resort & Casino. We headed to Spokane on Saturday morning…Mom & I got our nails done while Dad got his first ever pedicure! WOW! We made a few other stops and then met up with Melissa & Ryan and went out to Northern Quest. We got settled into our rooms – beautiful – and Melissa gave Mom her first gift!

A *60* birthday tiara – perfect for the casino! Hope it brings us good luck!

photo 3

 photo 2

We played a few slots and then had dinner at the buffet.

  photo 1

We went back to the slots after dinner and ran into Mom’s friend Brenda! How fun!

photo 4

We found the Sex and the City machines and played there for about 2 1/2 hours! I won my money back that I’d lost earlier and then some!

 photo 5

Up $90! YEAH!

 photo 1

I went to bed in the black…

unlike these two.


 photo 2

My Mom was up A LOT!

 photo 3

On Sunday morning, we hit the buffet again and then tried the slots one more time. We went back to the Sex and the City ones and I lost what I’d made plus some. :’( Boo.

Mom ended up winning about $500! AWESOME!
I think she enjoyed the weekend there – it was a fun little getaway to celebrate her birthday! Happy Birthday Mom! 60 looks good on you!

.homecoming football game vs. Riverview.

What a cold and windy night – not the best for watching a football game!

We got to have a little photo shoot before the game. The girls got super cute Homecoming shirts, although it was a little too cold to not wear a jacket!


I love the back of them!


Kirston always has to freak out in the picture!!!


So everyone else joined in… :)


I was trying to get one good picture to use to make Thank You notes out of…and Kirston has to dork out in another picture!!


PHEW! Finally got one! Look how cute they are!


Their halftime performance was to “Call Me Maybe” – thus, the "CALL ME” sign! :)



IMG_3193 IMG_3195

Not only was it Homecoming, but it was Senior Night too!


Kayla & Selena have been cheerleaders for 4 years…Madi & Sommer have been cheerleaders for 3 years.


I am going to miss them SO much next year. I can’t even remember cheer without them!


They make me laugh every day (and pull my hair out some days!). I have loved getting to share this experience with them!

 IMG_3204 IMG_3205 IMG_3207

The juniors!


Senior Night!
Madi & Janae


The Benson’s – Heather, Eric, & Kayla


The Garcia’s – Arnie, Selena, & Crystal


The Boyd’s – Melinda, Sommer, Steve, & Liz


Sommer & Madi were the captains for the night! The seniors have been taking turns as captains. I think it’s worked out fairly well!


And my favorite cheer: Ola Ola AY! :)



They had a rockin’ halftime performance! I was soooo proud of them! They worked really hard all week, including an early morning practice, to perfect this awesome routine.

The opening stunt was a double basket toss, barrel roll to an extension show and go. YEAH!


Plus a kick line – a favorite of this squad!



Madi flew an arabesque to extension – I love that!


IMG_3277 IMG_3279 IMG_3283 IMG_3285 IMG_3287 IMG_3290 IMG_3294

YES!!! Fantastic routine!


The royalty was presented at halftime -

Here’s Carly & Garrett as the junior prince and princess.


Stayin’ classy!



The Senior King and Queen: Carlos & Jenni


The Senior Prince & Princess: Stefan and MarciAnne


The actual football game didn’t fare so well….we lost to Riverview, 33-0. Jennifer told me that it’s the first time since 1999 that we’ve lost to Riverview. Sad day.